COVID-19 Emergency Evidence Response Service: report from Ireland.

Collaborating in response to COVID-19: editorial and methods initiatives across Cochrane.


Evidence Synthesis Ireland (, Cochrane Ireland (, and the Health Research Board Trials Methodology Research Network (, were asked by the Irish Department of Health to focus our collective resources on prioritised evidence gaps for COVID-19 to support healthcare policy and practice decision-making. We harnessed existing connections and developed new collaborations with international colleagues and organisations to reduce duplication of e!ort, minimize research waste, share information, and ensure continued capacity building. The group, called the Emergency Evidence Response Service (EERS) worked quickly and flexibly on relevant questions that the World Health Organization (WHO), Cochrane, and ministries of health prioritized to be addressed using evidence synthesis skills. The core EERS team, which was established at the National University of Ireland Galway ( on 15 March 2020, worked across more than 25 projects to address COVID-19 evidence gaps including infection prevention and control, impacts on healthcare and mental health, as well as supporting evidence dissemination, education, and advocacy.